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What is moxibustion (moxa)?

Experience the ancient healing practice of moxibustion, a therapeutic technique that harnesses the power of heat and herbs to promote balance and well-being. Moxibustion involves the burning of mugwort, a medicinal herb, near specific acupoints on the body. This gentle and warming therapy stimulates the flow of energy, known as Qi, and enhances the body's natural healing processes.

Discover the transformative benefits of moxibustion as it helps to nourish and strengthen your body, promote circulation, and restore balance. By applying heat to specific points, moxibustion supports overall health, vitality, and well-being.

Step into a realm of relaxation and rejuvenation as our skilled practitioners utilize the therapeutic properties of moxibustion to guide you on a journey toward optimal health.


Benefits of moxa

When used alongside acupuncture, moxibustion helps to unblock the flow of energy in the body. It has been found to be especially helpful in treating pain, particularly in “cold” pains that respond well to the application of heat. 

Moxa also helps with digestive issues and provides better protection against flus and colds during the winter season.

For a full list of the symptoms and complaints we treat, visit our Conditions Page.


what to expect

During a moxibustion session, our experienced practitioners will carefully burn the processed herb near specific acupoints on your body. The gentle heat generated by moxibustion penetrates deep into your tissues, promoting a sense of warmth and relaxation. You may feel a gentle sensation of heat during the treatment, creating a soothing and comforting experience.

As the mugwort's healing properties interact with your body's energy pathways, moxibustion helps to invigorate and restore balance. You can expect a deeply relaxing and revitalizing session that leaves you feeling harmonized and rejuvenated.

Join us on a transformative journey as we harness the power of moxibustion to support your well-being and promote holistic health.

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Does moxibustion hurt?

Rest assured, moxibustion is a gentle and soothing therapy that is not painful or hot. During the session, you may feel a gentle and pleasant warmth as the mugwort cones or sticks are burned near your skin. The heat is carefully controlled to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the treatment.

Our skilled practitioners prioritize open communication and will work closely with you to address any specific sensitivities or preferences you may have. Embrace the transformative benefits of moxibustion therapy with confidence, knowing that your well-being and comfort are our top priorities. Step into a world of relaxation, rejuvenation, and restored balance with moxibustion.


Single session: $50

Package & Membership Discounts Available

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If you’ve never tried acupuncture or moxa before, you might be thinking: Is this right for me? 

To address these concerns, we created a special offer just for you.


Book our New Patient Special and receive our best-selling services in a single session for just $120.

  • 1-1 consultation with a provider to discuss your unique concerns ($40 value)

  • Personalized treatment plan catered to your condition

  • Acupuncture session ($100 value)

  • Cupping session ($50 value) 

No substitutions or additional discounts.

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