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What is cupping?

Discover the transformative therapy of cupping, a gentle and revitalizing practice that promotes healing and overall well-being. By strategically placing glass or plastic cups on specific areas of the body, cupping utilizes negative pressure to draw out stagnant debris from the surrounding tissue. 

This innovative technique stimulates fresh blood flow and the delivery of vital nutrients to the treated area, fostering tissue revitalization and promoting natural healing processes. Experience the powerful benefits of cupping as it aids in the elimination of toxins, reduces inflammation, alleviates pain, and supports the health of your tissues. 

Step into a world of relaxation and rejuvenation with our skilled practitioners who prioritize your comfort and guide you toward optimal well-being.


what to expect

Cupping therapy employs the placement of glass or plastic cups, creating suction using either a pump or traditional flame. Typically applied to the neck, back, shoulders, or hips, this technique harnesses negative pressure to draw out stagnant debris from the surrounding tissue. 

By clearing away stagnation, cupping facilitates the influx of fresh blood and vital nutrients to the affected area, promoting healing and tissue revitalization. Experience the transformative benefits of cupping as it helps eliminate toxins, alleviate pain, reduce inflammation, and support overall tissue health.


does cupping hurt?

Rest assured, cupping is a gentle and relaxing therapy that is well-tolerated. While the cups create suction on your skin, you may feel a grabbing sensation and notice temporary after-marks that can vary in color from light pink to deeper red or purple. Contrary to common misconception, these marks are not bruises and are generally not painful; they are a natural response to increased circulation and the release of stagnation. Typically fading within a few days, the duration may vary based on your body's metabolism and condition.


Our skilled practitioners expertly adjust cupping pressure and duration to ensure your comfort. We prioritize open communication and closely address any sensitivities or preferences you may have. Embrace the transformative benefits of cupping therapy with confidence, knowing that your well-being is our top priority. Join us on the path to healing and rejuvenation, where relaxation and relief await you.

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single Session: $50

Package & Membership Discounts Available


Don't know where to start? We've created several new patient packages that bundle our best-selling services. 

The great thing about TCM is that we can treat multiple conditions at once. Whether you are suffering from pain, stress or something else, find the right service combinations for you.

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