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the second brain

Scientists refer to the gut as “The Second Brain” because there is an extraordinary connection between the function of our digestive system and how our brains, bodies, and emotions function.

Diet, chronic stress, and poor sleep habits can lead to all kinds of digestive disorders, which in turn leads to long-term health problems like heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and diabetes.

While some people find their symptoms disabling, others go through life not knowing anything is wrong until they come face to face with a serious health issue.

Conditions We Treat

Stomach Pain
Gas & Bloating

Irregular Appetite
Morning Sickness
Acid Reflux

Ulcerative Colitis


how does acupuncture improve gut health?

Dating back over 2,000 years, this ancient technique has successfully restored balance and enhanced well-being in countless individuals. One area where acupuncture has shown remarkable efficacy is in improving digestive health. Acupuncture targets specific points on the body to regulate and optimize the digestive system.

Acupuncture's impact on digestive health is truly remarkable. Whether you're seeking relief from chronic digestive issues or simply aiming to enhance your overall gut health, acupuncture offers a gentle yet effective approach to rejuvenating your digestive well-being. Embrace the wisdom of centuries and experience the transformative effects of acupuncture on your digestive health today.


Chronic constipation: Studies have shown that acupuncture can stimulate peristalsis (movement) in the intestinal tract, which is essential for healthy bowel movements.

Nausea and vomiting: Acupuncture is an effective way to calm an upset stomach. Just a few sessions can greatly reduce or eliminate symptoms altogether.

Painful bloating and gas: Regular acupuncture treatments can help your digestive system break down foods properly without the excess gas that causes bloating.

Diarrhea Acupuncture treatments help improve and regulate stress, cramping, nutrient absorption, and digestive movement.

Image by Lisa Hobbs

Chinese Herbal Medicine

The other important aspect of TCM is Herbal Medicine. Practitioners often prescribe a personalized mixture of Chinese herbs for digestive issues, to be taken either alone or in conjunction with acupuncture treatments.

Common herbs like ginger and licorice have been used for hundreds of years around the world to improve digestion.

If you are interested in learning more about the herbal remedies we offer, fill out the form at the bottom of the page or speak to your practitioner at your next session. 

call us at (808) 364-1555 to book your appointment!

Which service is right for me?

Traditional Chinese Medicine is not a one-size-fits-all solution. In order to offer the best possible service, we evaluate each patient on a case-by-case basis. 

During your first visit, our practitioners perform an evaluation of your overall health. By treating the body as a single interconnected system, we are better able to understand the origin behind your pain and treat it accordingly. 

Recommended Services



Relax & Regenerate

An ancient healing art, with a documented clinical history of over 3,000 years. Using super-fine needles, acupuncture relaxes the body and improves its functions while stimulating natural self-healing processes within itself. 



Expedite Self-Healing

Moxibustion boosts recovery by reducing inflammation, improving circulation and increasing healthy cell activity.



Muscle Recovery & Detox

Popular among professional athletes, cupping therapy uses negative pressure to remove stagnant debris and restore circulation to the injured area.

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