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Beginner Questions

Ease your nerves and know what to expect!

Beginner FAQ

Does it Hurt?

Everyone’s individual sensitivity varies both overall and daily. Generally speaking the treatments we provide are not intended to be painful, and to the contrary patients tend to find them deeply relaxing. There may be a slight pinch or sensation as therapies are performed, but many patients do not experience any or very minor discomfort from treatment.

What do I need to know for my first appointment?

For your first visit it is not necessary to prepare in any specific way, however here are some helpful tips:

  • Duration of treatment & time of arrival: Please arrive 10-20 mins prior to your scheduled appointment time, you will need to fill out some new patient paperwork, if you usually take longer or shorter time to do so, please plan appropriately. Ideally, you should be ready for treatment (paperwork complete) at your schedule appointment time.

  • Dress: We recommend you wear loose fitting (comfortable) clothing which allows for easy access to above your elbows and knees, as well as  the location of your concern. If you do not arrive with clothing that is appropriate for treating  your concern, it’s not a problem, we have sheets available for disrobing and covering.

  • Eat and Drink: We ask that you don’t come on an empty or full stomach, it would be ideal to have a small snack prior to treatment. Keep in mind that you may be laying in a face down or face up position for an extended amount of time.

  • Concerns: If you have more than one concern, bring a list and prioritize it, if you have a goal, please share it with us, we will go over this information during the consultation and treatment plan.

What to bring: You will need your government issued ID card, and insurance card (if you are intending to use insurance). If you have any medical records that pertain to your concerns, and a list of medications you can bring a copy for us, but it is not required.

What do you treat?

Acupuncture is one of the primary and strongest forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It has been clinically proven to treat 100’s of health conditions by the World Health Organization.

In TCM any condition can be classified and treated within the traditional medical system. The chances are high that we can treat your concern. Consultations and treatment plans are designed to help you understand treatment expectations.

Pain Conditions

Low back

Hip pain


Neck pain

Knee pain

Facial pain

Shoulder pain

Hand/elbow pain





Sports injury

Postoperative pain


Digestive Concerns

Nausea/Morning Sickness

Stomach Pain

Acid reflux





Ulcerative colitis



Irregular Appetite

Emotions and Hormones


Muscle tension









Menopause Symptoms


Erectile Dysfunction

Premature Ejaculation

Irregular Periods

Painful Periods

Heavy Bleeding

Absence of Menses


Prostate Conditions

Urinary Dysfunction

Organ Prolapse

Water Retention

Common Complaints

Irregular blood pressure








Disk Conditions

Nerve Pain



Shooting Pain

Burning Pain

Condition List

How does it work?

There are various scientific theories that try to explain how Traditional Medicine works, but the truth is that modern medicine (~100 years old) is just beginning to understand the ancient medicine (over 3,000 years old).


Each specific service has advantages and disadvantages as well as differences in how it obtains the end result (healing). 


Generally speaking, the services we offer work on the nervous system (resetting pain, relaxes the body, and sends signals to the brain to regulate functions). Services also work on the inflammatory response and help to trigger the self-healing process.


Traditional Medicine uses a different approach to medicine that Modern (Western) Medicine or the Scientific Approach, it uses a more holistic (whole body) time-tested approach. Traditional Medicine uses different terminology for symptoms and illness than Modern Medicine, they are commonly used to complement each other.

What if I don’t know what I need?... Do you offer New Patient Consultations?

The New Patient Acupuncture Special is recommended for most new patients (unless they are afraid of needles) it includes Consultation, Acupuncture, Cupping, and a Personalized Treatment Plan. It is targeted to address your specific concern(s) and condition(s). 

You can separately schedule a consultation; the cost for consultation is $40, the main point of consultation is to answer any individualized questions you may have about treatment, and to make treatment recommendations.

How many treatments will it take to treat my concern?

Everyone responds differently to treatment. We typically recommend 3-5 sessions as a trial to see how you respond to treatment. Consultations and treatment plans help you get a better idea of the best services and frequency of treatment required to get the best results.


Intermediate Questions

Enter your session with confidence!

Intermediate FAQ

How long does an appointment take?

New patient appointments usually take from 30 to 90 mins depending on services received. As a general rule of thumb, services are typically timed in 15 minute billable increments, however some services may take a bit longer or shorter than others.

What if I need to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

  • You can cancel and reschedule online with your account in Jane. Please note that we do have a 24-hour cancellation policy which may affect your ability to cancel or reschedule your upcoming appointment. 

  • If you need assistance in canceling or rescheduling an appointment please call our clinic for assistance.

  • Failure to cancel more than 24-hours prior to your appointment may result in a late cancellation fee of $80.

  • If your appointment is on a Monday or an observed Holiday and you plan to cancel/reschedule, you must notify us no later than the last business day, prior to closing hours.

  • Appointment notifications are automatically sent by our system, and can be modified for individuals if they need more or less assistance with remembering their scheduled appointments. Use your Jane account to modify your appointment reminders or ask our staff for assistance.

I’m trying to book an appointment online with Jane, and I’m confused about how to book. What should I book under?

If this is your first time in our clinic, you will book under “Acupuncture - New Patient.” Even if you are unsure what you will need, this is the best option as the Practitioner will be able to go over more details during the consultation.

If you have an existing package/membership, please choose “Acupuncture - Returning Patient” and notate in the comment box that you have a package and/or have a membership open. This will let our team know to update your appointment type prior to coming in for treatment. If you forget to add a note in the comment box, you may let our team know when you arrive at your appointment or give one of our offices a call.  

If you are a patient who has already verified your insurance with us and is looking to book your next appointment online, please choose “Acupuncture - Returning Patient” and notate in the comment box which insurance you are currently using. 


If you are wanting to book multiple services for yourself, you may book one and then notate in the comment box all the services you would like to add on to your original appointment or give our office a call and we can do that for you. 


When in doubt, if you have been to one of our clinics before, we will most likely have your appointment history in our system. Please book under “Acupuncture - Returning Patient” if you are unsure.

Do you accept my health insurance or Health Savings Accounts (HSA)/Flex Spending Accounts, and if so what are my out of pocket costs?

Yes, we do accept some health insurances such as:

  •  Hawaii Medical Assurance Association/Hawaii-Western Management Group (HMAA/HWMG), 

  • United HealthCare (UHC), 

  • TriWest (Veterans), 

  • Workman's Compensation (Work Injury), 

  • Personal Injury (PI)/Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), and 

    Out-of Network. 

  • Please Note: We need to pre-verify your insurance coverage prior to receiving treatment (can take 24-48 hours depending on insurance company), if you wish to use your insurance please contact our office.

  • Due to difficulty with reimbursement we no longer accept HMSA, Kaiser, ASH, or UHA, but if you have Out-of-Network benefits we can help. Unfortunately, TriCare does not cover acupuncture at this time.

  • Please NOTE that not all health insurance plans cover acupuncture treatments. We recommend calling the phone number on the back of your health insurance card and ask your insurance company if you have acupuncture benefits. If you believe you have acupuncture benefits and would like us to pre-authorize your coverage please give us a call prior to scheduling an appointment online.  

  • If you do not have acupuncture coverage, no problem, we do have competitive self-pay rates, see our services tab for our self-pay options. 

  • The cost of treatment (out-of-pocket) when using insurance varies depending on your coverage and the services that you recieve.

  • We do accept HSA or Flex Spending Accounts.

  • We also help provide paperwork for you to submit for reimbursement if you have out-of-network coverage, or have a HSA/FSA card.

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