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Helping you invest in long-term health and happiness


Our Mission & Values

Our clinic is dedicated to providing high-quality holistic pain management that is accessible to everyone. We practice ancient healing techniques to offer a safe and natural alternative to invasive surgeries and addictive prescription medications. 

From chronic pain and injury to anti-aging and cosmetic concerns, we approach healing from a full-body perspective. Grounded in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), our goal is to identify the source of your symptoms and target pain and discomfort at the root. 

Where East Meets West

Blending ancient knowledge with modern medicine

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our bodies contain a life force that flows within like a river, called Qi.

When our Qi is balanced, we feel strong, energized and productive. When our Qi becomes imbalanced, we feel pain, fatigue and stress.



Our clinic combines the scientific perspective of the West with the ancient wisdom of the East to restore your health and get you back to living the life you deserve. 

Traditional Chinese Medicine views the body as one, interconnected system. For example, during your session for neck pain we might unearth other underlying conditions you never knew you had.

This holistic healing approach has helped dozens of patients release pent-up trauma and unleash newfound energy and vitality. 

Meet Our Providers

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Dr. Antonio Provencio LAc
“Dr. Tony”

Acupuncture & Medical Massage

Dr. Reynold Wong.jpg

Dr. Reynold Wong LAc
“Dr. Rey”

Acupuncture & Medical Massage

Ayako Sato.JPG

Ayako Sato LAc

Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine

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